It is our pleasure to invite you to “Qatar 2022 Exhibition Milano Portanuova”

From 12 November to 18 December

The exhibition has curated and realized by Arredaesse

The consulate general of State of Qatar in Milan in collaboration with Arredaesse and Coima, during the "Fifa World Cup 2022" is organising a special Event dedicated to Qatar.

An exhibition where you can feel atmosphere of Qatar and its Culture, Tradition, History, Modernity and Art through typical objects, pictures, animations and pieces of art created by 3 International artists, Tina Bellini, Sara Forte and Ivad Bassil. 

From present to future, with projects of the young students of  “Liceo Modigliani in Giussano”, who have studied Design, Fashion and Artistic products between tradition and modernity of Qatar.

International Artists

Let yourself be carried away by the art and atmosphere that will make you feel in Qatar.

The exhibition will host the works of 3 great international artists.

Sara Forte

Sara Forte was born in 1978 in Verbania, Italy.
A self-taught artist who since an early age has been dedicated to painting. Sara experimented with many art forms including graphite drawings, oil pastels, sanguine, drypoint, mezzotint and etching. She went onto master oil and acrylic art forms. What was originally a passion has become her career. All her artworks derive from her personal experience and research. The key elements in her work are the balance between shapes and colors, pictorial tradition and innovation. The original instinctive brushstroke has become a vehicle to impart a universal message. The style of her artwork has evolved into an abstract and symbolic “new wave”, that reflects the artist’s sensitivity. Sara Forte refers to the scroll images depictedin her paintings as “Papyrus”. She uses them as a metaphor of the constant “in fieri, the ceaseless evolution.

Ivad Bassil

Ivad Bassil, 1993.

Ivad BASSIL is a Lebanese artist. He attended the Beirut Academy of Fine Arts and subsequently graduated in Visual Arts and Paintings at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. He participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Italy has always been his dream, fostered by his need to get out of his territorial reality, Lebanon, to launch himself towards creation. Thus, far from his country and in Italy since 2013, he feels well, satisfied, but “suspended”. Suspended between two cultures, the Lebanese and the Italian, the artist works on the process of color layering, creating an essential painting, in constant search of track of time. The careful and refined use of colors is an important choice of camp that remains a mood poised between wanting to be and wanting to become. Just as his Lebanon is a crossroads and a bridge between the Christian world and the Islamic world, so the artist Ivad Bassil wants to be a bridge between different realities, a crossroads between the real world and his imagination, which is his world of wonders, Wonderland.

Tina Bellini

Tina Bellini was born in Pescara on 1978, since 1992 she has attended the Misticoni Art School in Pescara, subsequently the Integrative Course, Scenography Courses and attends the European University of Design. After her studies Tina worked in the family company as an interior designer for about 10 years.

Since she was a little girl, loves drawing and painting, in 2012 she realizes furniture covered with recycled materials, such as newspapers, cans, cardboard, glass, achieving great results; in fact already in 2014 she is present in the national and international panorama of Design, she will be the protagonist of several Design magazines all over the world, present in Italy, Russia, Brazil, China, Switzerland, India.

He creates hand-painted works on furniture with acrylic and resin technique, paints on glass, creating works in 3D and with mirrors.

From 2019 begins a profound study on symbology, numerology, shapes and lines that are used in sacred geometry and that have always accompanied the human being. Many lines and shapes that we see every day have a meaning that we don’t give due importance. Even behind the most banal form, there is a world to discover behind it.

In the zones

Your World cup Qatar 2022 has so much more… all set across three incredible zones:

  • “Qatar 2022 gallery exhibition”
  • Match screen and endless entertainment
  • Food offers unique global and local culinary experiences

Getting there

There are several public transport options for visitors to travel to the “Qatar 2022 Exhibition Milano PortaNuova”.

Nearest Metro Station, Train station and Bus station: Milano Garibaldi.

Opening hours

Open from
12 November – 18 December 2022
Every days from Monday to Sunday from 13:00 to 20:00

Fan Zone
Openign hours

Open from
20 November – 18 December 2022

Thank you to all our partner